Another issue that arises during a divorce involving children is that of child support. Children need to be supported and steps should be taken to ensure that their needs are being met. Parents also need to be protected, however, from child support agreements that are unfair and will not work for long.

Child Support Lawyers

At McCoy & Stokes, LLC, our child support lawyers help ensure that the children involved in the divorce get the support they need when they’re living with a single parent. During your divorce,you need to consult with an experienced child custody attorney who can help you understand your parental responsibilities and rights as they pertain to child support and child custody.

Experienced Charleston Child Support Attorneys

For most people in South Carolina, child support is calculated based upon a formula that takes into account:

  • The income of both parents
  • Parental expenses like insurance costs or resources to support other children in the home
  • The terms of custody of each parent
  • The special medical and educational needs of the child.

At McCoy & Stokes, we can review your case and give you an estimate of what you’ll have to pay or what you’ll receive in terms of child support. We can talk to you about how a child custody decisions can impact a support award. If one parent suspects the other parent is hiding income in order to minimize a child support award, we have investigative resources we can use to reveal hidden assets.


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