Divorce & Personal Injury Settlements In South Carolina

If you receive a settlement or judgement award stemming from a personal injury lawsuit, you may not have realized that money could get tied up in your divorce. After all, you are the one that suffered the injury, not your spouse. However, one-time or structured settlements are commonly (but not always) considered marital property and…

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Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in South Carolina?

DUI checkpoints are temporary, changing locations set up by police to keep intoxicated drivers off the roads. Also referred to as sobriety checkpoints, mobile checkpoints, license checkpoints, or simply roadblocks, police will stop cars that pass through the checkpoint to screen for suspicious drivers. But are DUI checkpoints legal in South Carolina?

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Can A Child Decide Which Parent To Live With?

When a couple gets a divorce, the primary concern is often the custody privileges they have over their children. Statistics suggest that nearly 50 percent of all children in North America experience their parents getting a divorce. With such a high divorce rate, the question often arises “Can a child decide which parent to live…

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Social Media & Divorce in South Carolina

With over 80 percent of the United States population actively maintaining a social media presence, it is now becoming exceedingly common for social media to influence the outcome of divorces. Depending on what you post, the judge can take these findings into account as they decide your financial future and your child custody situation. Thus,…

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Minors In Possession of Alcohol Charges

When a minor is caught by law enforcement and arrested for an alcohol-related offense in South Carolina, one of the first things they often do is call their parents for help. For a parent receiving this type of call from their child, the situation can seem surreal. Many parents are in disbelief that their child…

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Adoption Visitation Rights in South Carolina

One of the toughest choices a parent could ever have to make is whether to give their child up for adoption. Many parents agonize over the reasons for and against putting their child up for adoption. Often, one of the toughest aspects of adoption is the question of whether the parent should remain in the…

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What Are Diversion Programs in South Carolina?

A diversion program in South Carolina is a program that criminal defendants can enter into voluntarily as an alternative to prosecution. There are many different diversion programs in South Carolina. Whether one is available to you will depend on your particular circumstances and which county you are charged in. The successful completion of a diversion…

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Disorderly Conduct Charges Over Memorial Day Weekend

This year, many South Carolinians celebrated Memorial Day weekend in traditional fashion. There were beach trips, barbecues and picnics—and many of these events served alcohol. Even when you are legally old enough to consume alcohol, you still need to control your behavior if you choose to consume alcohol. When you behave in a way that…

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Too Much Communication During A Divorce Can Be Harmful

If you are going through a divorce, you might be inclined to think communicating well and frequently with your soon-to-be ex-spouse would be a good thing. For instance, you might believe that good communication skills with your spouse can help speed the divorce proceedings along or that good communication could lead to both you and…

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What Is An Unfit Parent?

Sometimes a parent isn’t very good at being a parent. In these situations, a child’s other parent, family member or third party might try to step in and get custody of the child. A parent who is not good at being a parent or does not care or want to be a parent is referred…

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