Custody Arrangements: Halloween and Divorce

Halloween is a holiday that is meant for kids, and nothing can be a bummer for kids this festive time of year quite like divorced, divorcing or separated parents who can’t get along. Sometimes parents get so wrapped up in their feelings about the divorce and about their ex-spouse that they forget that kids are affected by divorce just as deeply as their parents. This Halloween, try setting aside your feelings and try to focus on making this holiday a memorable and enjoyable time for you kids. Below are a few custody arrangement strategies that divorced or separated parents can try for Halloween.

If you can get along with your ex, share Halloween.

Some divorced or separated families are able to get along, while others simply cannot. If you are able to get along with your ex, even if it is just for the few hours that it takes to take your children trick or treating, it can mean the world to your kids to include time together in your custody arrangement for holidays like Halloween. Parents can work together to share this minor holiday with their children.

If you can’t get along with your ex, divvy up Halloween.

Some couples are incapable or do not want to spend any time together after separating or divorcing. Being forced together could just make for an uncomfortable and unhappy situation for everyone. If this is your situation, do not try to force it to work in your custody arrangements. Try divvying up time so that the children spend one Halloween with mom and then one Halloween with dad. Splitting holidays in the custody arrangement is something that most parents incorporate into their parenting plans during the divorce.

Tell your kids in advance what the plan is.

Keeping your children informed about your custody arrangement is a great way for them to feel empowered and safe. By sharing with your children the plan for Halloween, they know what to expect, and the situation can seem less uncertain. Children take comfort in knowing what is going to happen. Tell your kids about the plan for Halloween two to three weeks before you plan to celebrate the holiday—or when your children ask.

If your kids will not be spending time with you this Halloween, make other plans.

If you are not going to be spending Halloween with your kids, make other plans. You can even tell your kids about the plans you have. The point of this is to let your kids know that, even though you won’t be spending Halloween with them, you are still going to have a good time on your own, so your kids should feel free to have fun too. You don’t want your children to feel a sense of guilt over having fun with their other parent, while you are alone.

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The holidays are always a difficult time for divorced or separated families—even minor holidays like Halloween. It can be tricky and emotional when it comes to the issue of child custody. If you have child custody arrangement issues, need help with your divorce or assistance developing a parenting plan, the family law attorneys at McCoy & Stokes, LLC can help.

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