Child Support After 18

Many people who have a child support obligation often look forward to when they no longer have to provide financial support for their child. While you love your children, child support is expensive. One of the ways that child support can be terminated in South Carolina is for the child to reach the age of 18. But it is important to know that just because a child turns 18 does not necessarily mean that a parent’s child support obligation automatically terminates as well. Here are essential things to know about child support after 18.

Child Turns 18 or Graduates High School

Under South Carolina Code Section 63-3-530(A)(17), a parent’s child support obligation continues until the child is emancipated. Emancipation can occur when the child turns 18 years old or finishes high school—whichever is later. There are also other circumstances that could lead to emancipation of the child before the age of 18, such as marriage or legal emancipation. As such, a parent could still be required to pay child support even though the child is 18 years of age if the child has yet to graduate from high school. However, child support may be terminated at the end of the school year when the child is nineteen years old.

Child Support Continues for Children Who Are In College

In certain situations where a child is going to college, the South Carolina Family Court may exercise its discretion and require that a child support obligation continues while the child is in college. This means providing the standard child support, in addition to support meant to cover—in part or in full—tuition and other expenses associated with college. The purpose of college child support is to provide children of divorced or separated parents with the opportunity to go to college despite the parents’ divorce or separation.

Disability Renders Child Unable to Provide for Him or Herself

A parent who has a child with a disability that renders the child unable to provide for themselves may require financial support provided in the form of child support for many years after turning 18. It does not matter if the child’s disability is mental or physical in nature. A parent with a disabled child will most likely have to pay child support indefinitely beyond the child’s 18th birthday. However, child support could be terminated in the event that the child’s disability improves.

Get Help From a Charleston, SC Child Support Lawyer

There are many ways in which a child support obligation can be terminated. One was is if the child who is being supported reaches 18 years of age. Special circumstances might apply to your situation, however, so you should consult with a Charleston, SC child support lawyer. The experienced child support attorneys at McCoy & Stokes, LLC can help you determine if you are eligible to have your child support obligation terminated, and we can help you with any other child support issues.

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