Family Law

Divorce And Bankruptcy

Like love and marriage, divorce and bankruptcy often go together. Money trouble is one of the commonly cited reasons for couples getting divorced. While it might seem like getting divorced can be the answer to a couple’s money problems, debt accrued during a marriage is one of the things split during a divorce. While divorce…

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Signs Your Ex-Spouse Is Living With Another

When you are divorced or going through a divorce process, there are a number of reasons you might want to prove to the family court that your ex-spouse now lives with someone else. If you are divorcing, evidence that your soon-to-be ex spouse is living with someone else could be proof of adultery, which would…

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South Carolina Child Support Termination

One of the questions frequently asked by parents who have a court order requiring them to pay child support is, “how long do I have to pay child support?” It’s a good question, because under South Carolina law, there is an end to child support, but it depends on what happens with the child.

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Delay Dating Until Your Divorce Is Finalized

Many people seeking a divorce vow to never marry again, some want to take some time to be single, and others still are ready to start dating immediately. However, while the idea of meeting new people is exciting, there are also some risks associated with dating prior to the finalization of your divorce.

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Parental Relocation And Child Custody in South Carolina

When parents share a child, but do not live together, one parent usually has primary custody. When the custodial parent wants to move and relocate the child, the noncustodial parent can be placed into a bind. The noncustodial parent already has limited time with the child, and if the child were moved further away, the…

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Divorce Based on Physical Cruelty In South Carolina

One of the more common grounds for divorce in South Carolina is physical cruelty. This usually presents itself in the form of domestic violence; defined as one spouse committing a single, atrocious act of violence against their spouse, or slowly over time committing routine or systematic acts of violence against their spouse. After seeking protection…

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How Does Domestic Violence Impact South Carolina Child Custody

In South Carolina, if a parent has a history of violent or abusive behavior towards another family member, domestic partner, or child, that parent could experience severe hindrances when it comes to visitation rights to his or her child. Judges give consideration to any instances of domestic violence or sexual abuse in the parent’s history,…

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Paternity and Child Support in South Carolina

When an unmarried couple shares a child, the father must establish paternity in order to play a role in the child’s life. Establishing paternity is the process of becoming legally responsible for the child, known as legal fatherhood. A paternal father has no rights or claim over the child unless he is legally established as…

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