Family Law

Divorce, Child Support, And Your Child’s School Costs

Parents who are considering getting a South Carolina divorce often think about how the divorce will impact them, especially financially. Divorcing couples who share children also need to consider how they will split the costs associated with raising and providing for their children. One issue that often comes up in a divorce when the couple…

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Failure To Pay Child Support Obligations Leads to Jail Time

When a noncustodial parent is late on making child support payments in South Carolina, one of the most serious consequences that he or she can face is jail time. Overdue child support payments are reviewed monthly, and a payment that is as little as five days late could give the recipient parent the grounds needed…

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Can Child Support Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Many people who find themselves in financially difficult times look to bankruptcy as a way to alleviate their hardships. One item that many people wonder about when it comes to bankruptcy proceedings is whether a child support obligation or overdue child support payments can be discharged. Bankruptcy is good for discharging a number of debts,…

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Court Orders and Administrative Orders for Child Support

When you have a child, and you are trying to support that child on a single income, it can be hard to make ends meet. In some cases, it might be absolutely critical for you to obtain a child support order so that your child’s other parent can be held legally responsible to provide financial…

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The Two Paths of Family Law Matters

Many family law matters come down to one of two options: either the parties involved are able to reach an agreement on their own terms, or the South Carolina family court must get involved. Even some cases that begin as highly contested disputes ultimately resolve themselves through negotiations and mutually beneficial agreements. But then on…

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Guardian Ad Litems and Child Custody

The South Carolina family court appoints a guardian ad litem in child custody cases where there is a dispute between the parents. The guardian ad litem is usually appointed at the outset of the case, but if at any point in time the court decides that the child or children involved in the case require…

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Changing Your Last Name in South Carolina

What a woman chooses to do with her last name after a divorce is entirely up to her. She can elect to adopt her former family name (i.e., her maiden name) or she can choose to keep her recent ex-husband’s last name. Whatever she decides, it is her choice.

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Child Support Modification

When a child support court order is initially made, it is established based on the circumstances surrounding the child custody arrangement and the parents’ relative incomes. Further on, however, a child support obligation might no longer make sense in light of changed circumstances. One parent might have received a larger percentage of the child custody,…

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What Happens During An Adoption Home Study?

Being subjected to a home study as part of a South Carolina adoption can be stressful. Some adoptive parents take the home study in stride, while others are uncomfortable at the invasion of their privacy, and some feel like their whole life is under a microscope. However, home studies are a very important part of…

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