Family Law

Voluntary Termination Of Parental Rights In South Carolina

Voluntary termination of parental rights is never an easy decision. Most people who make the decision to give up their rights are doing so to give their child better opportunities. Parents have an assumed right (as well as a responsibility) to have a relationship with their children and financially support those children. Whether the termination…

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How To Calculate Child Support Payments

Child support can be a hot-button issue for divorcing couples, but the state of South Carolina tries to minimize negotiations by making the child support process as standardized as possible. You may be wondering how to calculate child support payments so you can plan your budget following a divorce. The court determines child support payments…

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Drug Addiction & Child Custody Modification

Drug and alcohol addiction is a prevalent issue for many families in the United States. When one parent develops a drug or alcohol addiction, or a recovering addict relapses, the other parent may understandably want to modify the custody arrangements to protect their children. If the non-custodial parent is struggling, the custodial parent may ask…

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What Happens When Divorces Parents Disagree On Vaccination?

For parents in the 21st century, nothing is as polarizing as the decision to withhold vaccinations from your child. Physicians, lawmakers, and the majority of Americans strongly believe that immunizations are critical to our health and safety as individuals and as a society. A small but growing minority of parents are suspicious and fearful of…

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Can A Child Decide Which Parent To Live With?

When a couple gets a divorce, the primary concern is often the custody privileges they have over their children. Statistics suggest that nearly 50 percent of all children in North America experience their parents getting a divorce. With such a high divorce rate, the question often arises “Can a child decide which parent to live…

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What Is An Unfit Parent?

Sometimes a parent isn’t very good at being a parent. In these situations, a child’s other parent, family member or third party might try to step in and get custody of the child. A parent who is not good at being a parent or does not care or want to be a parent is referred…

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Child Custody Summer Visitation Schedules

There are many family situations in South Carolina where one parent has primary or sole custody of their children, while the other parent is a non-custodial parent. This means that the children primarily live with their custodial parent and visit with their non-custodial parent. This is a common arrangement when one parent lives in a…

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Child Support After 18

Many people who have a child support obligation often look forward to when they no longer have to provide financial support for their child. While you love your children, child support is expensive. One of the ways that child support can be terminated in South Carolina is for the child to reach the age of…

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Creating a Child Custody Holiday Schedule

One of the biggest points of contention that separated or divorcing parents often argue over is which parent will have custody of the children during the holidays. It can be difficult because the winter holiday season is so exciting for children, and many parents want to create special memories with their children. Things can get…

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Custody Arrangements: Halloween and Divorce

Halloween is a holiday that is meant for kids, and nothing can be a bummer for kids this festive time of year quite like divorced, divorcing or separated parents who can’t get along. Sometimes parents get so wrapped up in their feelings about the divorce and about their ex-spouse that they forget that kids are…

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