Domestic Violence

Fighting Felony Domestic Violence Charges

South Carolina state law is strict when it comes to domestic violence criminal convictions. One of the toughest criminal charges to fight without the help of an experienced lawyer are felony domestic violence charges. These are serious charges, and a lot is at stake if you do not fight them to get them dismissed or…

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Domestic Violence Convictions in South Carolina

A criminal domestic violence conviction in South Carolina is a serious matter. In addition to the obvious consequences associated with a domestic violence conviction, there are also other consequences that may not be readily apparent to many people. These consequences, however, can be just as serious and inconvenient as the penalties that are imposed by…

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Domestic Violence Of A High and Aggravated Nature In SC

There are varying degrees of domestic violence in South Carolina and some acts of domestic violence are punished more aggressively under South Carolina law than others. The most egregious degree is domestic violence of a high or aggravated nature, which is codified in S.C. Code Section 16-25-65. Domestic violence of a high or aggravated nature…

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Fighting Domestic Violence Charges in SC

Many individuals find themselves facing criminal charges for domestic violence. The domestic violence allegations might be based on fact, completely false, or partially true, but the criminal charges that result from the allegations are quite real, and very serious. Regardless of how the accusations came about in the first place, if you are facing domestic…

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Fighting False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue that many domestic partnerships encounter. But not all domestic abuse allegations are true, and when they are based on lies or gross exaggerations, and the court believes the allegations to be true, people’s lives can be significantly impacted. One particularly prominent example of the destructive power of false domestic…

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South Carolina Criminal Domestic Violence

Criminal domestic violence is one of the most prevalent issues happening in South Carolina today. The state has the highest rate of domestic violence homicides in the nation. Authorities are cracking down on claims of domestic violence, so when a false report is made it is even more difficult to rebut the claims. It is important…

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Proposed Bill Protects Victims of Domestic Violence

The South Carolina government is one step closer to passing a bill that will change the way that the state deals with domestic violence offenders. It has now passed the House of Representatives with an 81-23 vote as well as the state Senate and awaits a signature from the governor. Many are praising the bill as…

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