Dissipation Of Assets In A Divorce

Dissipation of assets refers to frivolous or wasteful spending of marital property during divorce proceedings, often done out of spite or to prevent the other spouse from getting an equitable share. Sometimes, a divorcing spouse will rack up joint credit card debt on extravagant vacations or lavish their new paramour with expensive gifts. They may…

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Co-Parenting Tips For Managing A Child’s Extracurricular Activities

As children get older, their lives get busier. The average high school student spends nearly 10 hours a week participating in activities outside of school. From chauffeuring your children back and forth to sports practices, to supporting them at piano recitals and choir concerts, managing a child’s extracurricular activities can be a challenge for divorced…

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Military Divorces in South Carolina

Divorce is unfortunately common in military families. Some marriages cannot survive the long separations, stresses, and challenges that come with the territory of military service. Although South Carolina is known for making it a challenge to divorce, there are rules and exceptions in place to protect service members and ease the transition of getting a…

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South Carolina Among Most Challenging To Get A Divorce

Every state has its own laws defining how the divorce process works. Although nobody wants a long, drawn out divorce, some states have a reputation for making it “too easy” for couples to call it quits. Other states actively discourage the quickie divorce, attempting to curb the divorce rate among their citizens. South Carolina was…

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Divorce & Personal Injury Settlements In South Carolina

If you receive a settlement or judgement award stemming from a personal injury lawsuit, you may not have realized that money could get tied up in your divorce. After all, you are the one that suffered the injury, not your spouse. However, one-time or structured settlements are commonly (but not always) considered marital property and…

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Social Media & Divorce in South Carolina

With over 80 percent of the United States population actively maintaining a social media presence, it is now becoming exceedingly common for social media to influence the outcome of divorces. Depending on what you post, the judge can take these findings into account as they decide your financial future and your child custody situation. Thus,…

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Too Much Communication During A Divorce Can Be Harmful

If you are going through a divorce, you might be inclined to think communicating well and frequently with your soon-to-be ex-spouse would be a good thing. For instance, you might believe that good communication skills with your spouse can help speed the divorce proceedings along or that good communication could lead to both you and…

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Is There Automatic Child Custody In South Carolina?

Some families that are headed to the South Carolina Family Court system lack a thorough understanding of their rights and the obligations of the court when it comes to child custody matters. For instance, one of the most commonly encountered preconceived notions that parents have is that the court will automatically award child custody to…

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Bitter Divorces & Tips For Avoiding Them

Divorce can be a difficult time for a family, especially when there are children involved. Some divorces go rather smoothly, while others are bitter, angry and hostile. Practically everyone knows someone, or has heard horror stories about a bitter divorce—a divorce where things between the divorcing couple are in a constant state of chaos. Bitter…

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Joint Custody in South Carolina

There are many family situations that might make it necessary for parents to live apart from one another. Whether it is the result of the parents becoming divorced or just needing to live separately, if there are minor children involved, then the courts will be concerned with the custody situation. There are two types of…

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