Criminal Defense

Defending Assault Charges In South Carolina

Assault and battery go hand-in-hand, and the terms are often used interchangeably. A lot of confusion surrounds what constitutes assault and/or battery and the different charges related to this offense. There are many ways and degrees to which someone can commit assault. Battery refers to the unwanted act of physical contact. Assault is the threat…

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Minors In Possession of Alcohol Charges

When a minor is caught by law enforcement and arrested for an alcohol-related offense in South Carolina, one of the first things they often do is call their parents for help. For a parent receiving this type of call from their child, the situation can seem surreal. Many parents are in disbelief that their child…

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What Are Diversion Programs in South Carolina?

A diversion program in South Carolina is a program that criminal defendants can enter into voluntarily as an alternative to prosecution. There are many different diversion programs in South Carolina. Whether one is available to you will depend on your particular circumstances and which county you are charged in. The successful completion of a diversion…

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Disorderly Conduct Charges Over Memorial Day Weekend

This year, many South Carolinians celebrated Memorial Day weekend in traditional fashion. There were beach trips, barbecues and picnics—and many of these events served alcohol. Even when you are legally old enough to consume alcohol, you still need to control your behavior if you choose to consume alcohol. When you behave in a way that…

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South Carolina Alcohol Laws & Spring Break

March is the time of year when many college students flock to the beaches to catch some rays and enjoy the water with their friends. South Carolina is home to several beautiful beaches that are frequented by spring breakers, including Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Isle of Palms and Folly Beach. For many college kids headed…

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Under Aged Drinking Legal Consequences

There are many students from out of state attending college in South Carolina. Parents hope that their children will have a full and enriching educational experience. But while in college, it’s not uncommon for freshmen and sophomores to dabble in recreational activities outside of their studies. Many college students are presented with the opportunity to…

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Underage Drinking Offenses In South Carolina

In some cases, it seems like teens and underage college students are drawn to drinking. Whether they’re pressured by peers at a party or sneak alcohol from their parents’ bar, people who are underage and want to drink alcohol will find a way to do so even though it is against the law. In South…

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Fake ID Charges in South Carolina

One common offense that many high schoolers and college-age students are charged with is possession of a fake ID card in South Carolina. Those who are underage and want to get their hands on alcohol or want to be able to get into clubs or bars might think that a fake ID is the best…

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Charleston Criminal Defense Attorneys for College Students

Being in college can be a great time in a young person’s life. There are endless possibilities, plenty of opportunities to try new things, and a new sense of freedom and adulthood that may never have been experienced before. Students often hit the books hard and sometimes party even harder to give themselves a break…

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Public Intoxication Charges in South Carolina

Many people of legal drinking age can relate to being too intoxicated at some point in their drinking experience. Many of us have had one too many drinks, and many of us have also suffered the consequences of a severe hangover the next day. Drinking alcohol can be a fun activity to engage in, particularly…

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