Adoption Visitation Rights in South Carolina

One of the toughest choices a parent could ever have to make is whether to give their child up for adoption. Many parents agonize over the reasons for and against putting their child up for adoption. Often, one of the toughest aspects of adoption is the question of whether the parent should remain in the…

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The Step Parent Adoption Process in South Carolina

A step parent’s adoption of their stepchild is an important form of adoption that helps children and parents form happy and healthy united families. The step parent adoption process and laws can be confusing, but it is entirely doable with the help of an experienced adoption lawyer. Let us help you bring your family closer…

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Adoption Issues To Be Aware Of

There are several adoption issues that parents-to-be may face while undergoing the process. Whether you are looking to adopt a child from another country or are interested in adopting a child from your own community, you will want to work closely with a caring and supportive adoption lawyer throughout each step of the process. A…

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South Carolina Adoption & Birth Mother Matching

Adopting a child is an exciting decision. It is a wonderful thing that you have opened your heart and your home to a child. One aspect of the South Carolina adoption process involves adoptive parents being matched with a birth mother. For adoptive parents who have never adopted before, the matching process can be unfamiliar…

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Preparing To Give Your Baby Up For Adoption In SC

When a woman becomes unexpectedly pregnant, sometimes it is not welcome news. There are many situations where a woman can learn she is pregnant and be very upset, anxious or worried about the prospect of having and raising a child. She might not know the father, or be in a situation that is not conducive…

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S.C. Adoptions: Important Things to Know

Adoption can be a great opportunity for parents and children alike. Prospective parents can adopt from agencies that connect prospective parents with local South Carolina children in the foster care system, or with children seeking adoption from other countries. These agencies are often more than happy to place children into loving, caring and qualified homes…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adoption in SC

Adoption is an emotional issue, regardless of which side of the adoption you are on. If you need to give up your child, it could be hard for you, and if you are thinking about adopting a child, it is emotional to think about how you will be expanding your family by taking in a…

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What Happens During An Adoption Home Study?

Being subjected to a home study as part of a South Carolina adoption can be stressful. Some adoptive parents take the home study in stride, while others are uncomfortable at the invasion of their privacy, and some feel like their whole life is under a microscope. However, home studies are a very important part of…

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5 Tips for Working with Adoption Lawyers

Adopting a child is a big decision that involves a lot of deliberation and planning among all the parties involved. For prospective parents, it can be an exciting time. But it’s important to go into the situation with a strong understanding of the legal factors that surround adoption. Adoption lawyers are responsible for helping SC…

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