Voluntary Termination Of Parental Rights In South Carolina

Voluntary termination of parental rights is never an easy decision. Most people who make the decision to give up their rights are doing so to give their child better opportunities. Parents have an assumed right (as well as a responsibility) to have a relationship with their children and financially support those children. Whether the termination…

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How To Calculate Child Support Payments

Child support can be a hot-button issue for divorcing couples, but the state of South Carolina tries to minimize negotiations by making the child support process as standardized as possible. You may be wondering how to calculate child support payments so you can plan your budget following a divorce. The court determines child support payments…

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Drug Addiction & Child Custody Modification

Drug and alcohol addiction is a prevalent issue for many families in the United States. When one parent develops a drug or alcohol addiction, or a recovering addict relapses, the other parent may understandably want to modify the custody arrangements to protect their children. If the non-custodial parent is struggling, the custodial parent may ask…

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Defending Assault Charges In South Carolina

Assault and battery go hand-in-hand, and the terms are often used interchangeably. A lot of confusion surrounds what constitutes assault and/or battery and the different charges related to this offense. There are many ways and degrees to which someone can commit assault. Battery refers to the unwanted act of physical contact. Assault is the threat…

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Dissipation Of Assets In A Divorce

Dissipation of assets refers to frivolous or wasteful spending of marital property during divorce proceedings, often done out of spite or to prevent the other spouse from getting an equitable share. Sometimes, a divorcing spouse will rack up joint credit card debt on extravagant vacations or lavish their new paramour with expensive gifts. They may…

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What Happens When Divorces Parents Disagree On Vaccination?

For parents in the 21st century, nothing is as polarizing as the decision to withhold vaccinations from your child. Physicians, lawmakers, and the majority of Americans strongly believe that immunizations are critical to our health and safety as individuals and as a society. A small but growing minority of parents are suspicious and fearful of…

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Co-Parenting Tips For Managing A Child’s Extracurricular Activities

As children get older, their lives get busier. The average high school student spends nearly 10 hours a week participating in activities outside of school. From chauffeuring your children back and forth to sports practices, to supporting them at piano recitals and choir concerts, managing a child’s extracurricular activities can be a challenge for divorced…

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Military Divorces in South Carolina

Divorce is unfortunately common in military families. Some marriages cannot survive the long separations, stresses, and challenges that come with the territory of military service. Although South Carolina is known for making it a challenge to divorce, there are rules and exceptions in place to protect service members and ease the transition of getting a…

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South Carolina Among Most Challenging To Get A Divorce

Every state has its own laws defining how the divorce process works. Although nobody wants a long, drawn out divorce, some states have a reputation for making it “too easy” for couples to call it quits. Other states actively discourage the quickie divorce, attempting to curb the divorce rate among their citizens. South Carolina was…

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