Our adoption attorneys understand how complicated and challenging adoption can be. It requires the dedication of an experienced law firm. Our lawyers and staff at the firm offer clients years of experience in the field and our promise to work diligently on your behalf.

Adoption Lawyers

The law offices McCoy & Stokes, LLC strives to provide quality adoption consultation and services for Charleston families. Whether it’s working with adoptive parents, agencies, or birth parents, we foster a professional, supportive atmosphere for our clients.

Here are something you need to know before adopting a child in Charleston.

  • Make sure you lawyer knows the details of any promises or commitments you’ve made to the child’s birthparent or primary caregiver.
  • When working with an adoption agency internationally, make the process smoother by ensuring that there’s an attorney on the other end who’s processing the paperwork.
  • Collaborate with your attorney to determine the fees involved – and do so early and get it in the writing.
  • Determine the cost of agency services and paperwork process and have that money set aside so there’s no delay when the adoption is being finalized.
  • Families adopting a child internationally should ensure that the agency also handles immigration issues.
  • Adoptions require a home study by a government agency. There’s a waiting list for this service, so schedule it as soon as possible if you’re thinking about adopting a child.

Please contact McCoy & Stokes, LLC at (843) 628-2855 to schedule your consultation with Charleston SC family attorneys.


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